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Honker Bites with Qview

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Had the family over for a late Thanksgiving dinner. Earlier in the season my buddy and I had shot a bunch of geese and I came up with this idea for some smoked goose. I cut up a bunch of breast meat into small bite size cubes being careful to trim off all the undesriable stuff.



Marinaed the goose for 3 days in 1 cup A1, one cup whiskey, and 3/4 cup brown sugar. After marinating I wrapped the chunks in......what else.....Bacon!



On the smoker they go! Also had two hams going already.





Smoked them for about 2 hours at 235 or so. Was shooting for internal of 160 but overe shot and they went to 170. They were still absolutely delish! Even the "really I don't like goose" people loved them! Next time I would be more careful about going too long, they were a little dry but not bad.



Thanks for looking!


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these sound great.... I wonder if they would benefit from a brine to help keep them moist ? thinking they would need to go at least 2 hrs for the bacon to get done.... nice job
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Great idea JD! Probably brining overnight before throwing them in the marinade would help. They were still awesome though.

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How fun!!!!!!!! Tons of geese walking all over the highway give me ideas!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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