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Christmas cheese

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Got a round of cheese on the UDS with the AMNPS burning some apple and oak.7agupyma.jpg

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Looking good!!

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Looks great so far.

The last cheese I smoked I use the tube smoker.
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looks great, i have about 50lbs of various cheese ready to go in the smoker, shooting for this weekend



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Bummed out, did about 30 pounds of mixed cheeses last year, came out awesome but I waited until too close to Christmas before I smoked them( ok since more for us). Stuff disappeared quickly at parties. Was going to do some a few months back to give plenty of time for aging but forgot, oh well, more for us again.

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So holiday-esque! Your friends must love your food at this time of year!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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That looks great,  very nice job

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