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i now have 3 different smoke generators ...LOL ... (looking for perfection)

and love the Amazin pellet smoker as it can smoke unattended for the longest period of time.  to get 100% wood  pellets in British Columbia is quite expensive because of the freight. there are many blended brands available BUT after much searching i have come across a distributor in Vancouver that handles LumberJack brand pellets. he has 40 pound bags of 100% hickory, and other flavors for $40 a bag.
alot of people with in the province make a trip down once a year or know someone that does and can pick up the bags for you. he also has bulk shipping and that really brings the price down.

his name is Raymond Young and his e-mail is

i hope i am allowed to post an e-mail....

i hope this will be helpful to many of the canucks on here  !!!!!!

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Thanks for the info.I have been using the Traeger pellets because they are available at the John Deere dealer in Kamloops. Will make a point of picking up some on my next trip to the lower mainland.Didn't manage to get any salmon out of the Kispiox, Bulkley or Skeena (at Kitwanga) this Aug. So smoking a small batch of Bella Bella Chinook fillets that were given to me in the morning.Then Nepas Kielbassa rings in the afternoon.

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well ... it was a strange year for chinook but was actually a decent return. coho was alright too.... just not the steelhead numbers i have had in the past. ya should have made the extra 60 miles to Terrace and had a try. well i guess i wasnt on the forum then... but thats my home ...
being retired i fish quite a bit out on the skeena in my jet boat, BUT i dont fish weekends... i leave the launches and the fishing spots for the working guys. if i dont have my fish by friday i might as well drink just beer then anyways ...  LOL

this lellet deal sounds good, i didnt even ask he price on blended as its the pure 100% woods i was looking for. the Lumber Jack pellet site gives a great description of their product and the pellets had some decent reviews on here !!

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