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I have a 3'w 3'l 8'h smoker.  I use propane to heat it. and either my traeger or amazn to smoke. 


I made my first batch and think i over smoked a bit.  I used the traeger on smoke and propane at 90 degrees for about 28 hours. ( it rained heavily after i started and really cut down on the drying done in the first 12 hours. )  The traeger smokes off and on through out that time. 

What amount of time do you smoke?  I see a lot of comment for 4 hours.  I tried the 4 hours with my sausages and was pleased with the level of smoke.  

Do you smoke at the beginning, middle or end of your drying cycle?


When you mix your cure/brine how long do you mix the meat? 

When the cure/brine is on the meat how long do you leave it on it?  (i did about 18 hours.  I feel the flavor profiles were under developed, though to be fair it was a very static recipe.)


When you cure/brine are you using a dry or moist/wet cure before smoking?

Obligatory picture of my first batch in cold smoker.