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Smoking Chicken Breast for the frst time.

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Hello today I will be trying to smoke chicken breast for the first time.  I cooked some chicken thighs last week came out real good.  Need to know how long and what temp I should smoke for.  Any suggestions.

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It has been my experience that the breasts will dry out, So I would suggest brining and covering in Bacon. I would smoke at 250* with your favorite smoking wood, should take a couple of hours but...we cook by temp not time. So a safe temp for chicken breast is 165* minimum. Personally I like chicken thighs better than breasts (bone in/skin on). I smoke em, then shred with come BBQ sauce and serve with cole slaw. Just as good as pulled pork in my opinion!

Have fun and good luck!

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Hmmmm, Jeff did a newsletter on chicken breast a couple years ago and I did a riff on that that came out pretty well. Pounded chicken breast wrapped around a pre-cooked sausage then all wrapped in bacon. Agree with coffee junkie....breasts will dry out pretty quick, so be watchful...Willie

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I like them stuffed with cream cheeze and jalepeno's and wrapped in bacon. Never dried one out yet that way. when the bacon is edible the chicken is done. or pull at internal of 160 degrees and rest 20 minutes or so. now if you just have to have the bacon crispy you might want to nuke it (the bacon) a while before you wrap.The rest is important if you pull at 160 as it will keep cooking for a while up 5 to 10 degrees hotter.

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