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I think you just need to cook a bunch of meat in there. I bet that metalic smell came off the new grill grates. they may have had a light oil coating on them from the factory or maybe the expanded metal. That basket is not galvanized is it? I bet it will be gone the first time you cook. I usually christen all my BBQ stuff with liberal sprinkling of my favorite rub right down into the charcoal. Don't know where I got that from but it is part of my ritual. I think I might have to come up with A lid like that for the next one I do. Happy smokin' and Happy Holidays!

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Its the expanded metal that is sold at Home Depot, so it possibly could be.  The cooks that I have done on it have turned out fine, no metal taste or smell to any of the meat.  I have noticed that on some smokes there is more moisture inside the drum than on others, is this common?  And what I mean by this, I will have condensation built up around the chimney and also it will build up around where the lid fits the drum.  The next day when I check the drum there is liquid at the bottom, not that its a hassle to clean, just wondering if this too is common in an UDS

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I made my fire basket out of that same stuff from home depot. I bet it just took a bit to break everything in. I live in the soggy northwest and yes condensation is there. what I have found is to leave a vent open at the bottom of your drum and that seems to help with it. I also got a ez up canopy to get it out of the rain. Have not had any water in the drum since I did this. The seasoning does protect it from most rust but I get a little around the bottom intakes. I just hit it with some more flat black paint every so often.

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