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Garlic Sausage

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Now that I have my kitchen back, I can get back into sausage making.  Over the summer and fall, while I was remodeling, I kept a running list of sausages I wanted to try.  As I came across recipes in books and whatnot, I took a picture of the recipe or idea, and then transcribed them to a running document.  I had some garlic left over from Thanksgiving that I wanted to use up, so I tried one of the garlic sausage recipes I had on hand:


  • 5-lbs ground pork

  • 8-tsp minced garlic, about 10 cloves

  • 5-tsp fresh coarsely ground black pepper

  • 3-tsp red pepper flakes

  • 5-tsp salt

  • 5-tsp paprika

  • ½-cup chopped fresh chives (omitted from this recipe, because I didn't have any on hand)

  • 1-cup red wine (I used white, because it's what I had around the house at the time)


Here we go:



I began by cubing 5 pounds of pork shoulder.



I wanted something more consistent than "10 cloves" so I took a baseline weight measurement of the garlic.  Later, I could use this to determine a more accurate amount.



I prefer to fully mash garlic in sausages to better spread the flavor.  I mixed the salt from the recipe and the garlic in my mortar and pestle to make a paste.



Much better.



I transferred this to a mixing bowl and whisked in the rest of the ingredients.



This mixture was poured over the meat cubes and then thoroughly tossed to mix as best as possible.


I ran the cubes through the course plate on my grinder (just a preference) and then the LEM stuffer served its purpose again.



I began linking them up.



I live in Cincinnati, and I didn't feel like digging my grill out from the mound of snow, so I just used my oven.  425 until the IT hit 160.  This is what they looked like.



I served it with some roasted garlic (roasted in the same oven as the sausages).  Delicious!



Long story short, I liked them.  The garlic was definitely a dominant flavor, but not overbearing.  The way I see it, if it is called Garlic Sausage, I don't want the garlic to be subtle.  Pure Garlicheads out there would want to increase the weight of the garlic, but I liked it at 1.3 ounces.  I might make it 1.5, just to kick it up a touch, but not beyond that.  The 1.3 ounces still allowed the other flavors to come through.  I think the chives would add a nice touch, but I think that I will keep using the white wine instead of the red, but again, just a personal preference.

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That looks very yummy, nice job

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Looks good from here. Nice,gonna give that recipe a try.
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Nice looking post and sausage. That has to have a garlic flavor to it for sure
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Originally Posted by DanMcG View Post

Nice looking post and sausage. That has to have a garlic flavor to it for sure


Yeah that.................
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very nice sausage, for the heck of it, if doing another batch of the same, minus the chives and such, sub the wine with club soda/seltzer, and drizzle some honey to the mixture or powdered dextrose, you wont regret it. or try a little honey with your mixture in your test fry patty, let us know what you think...just a thought

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I like the ingredients of the sausage.  Very similar to Hungarian sausage. Good job on the sausage. Looks great. Reinhard

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Bravo... very nice!

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A little garlic humor.....LOL

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