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Graveyard smoke

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Hey folks,

Nothing major last night, just a bit of peat cheese... Thought I'd throw in some pork and pineapple for the breakfast plate, sure why not.
Experimented with tinfoil and a cake rack that my delightful wife donated unknowingly ,:devil:last night and placed some slightly above my a-maze-in smoker to prevent heat transfer onto the bottom of the closest food... Worked a treat, so going to make something a little more professional looking, but you get the idea. Maybe somebody has a better idea, or maybe I'm the only one who has the problem lol. My smoker box is not the biggest so no matter where I put a-maze-n smoker I always get heat transfer, so as they say "necessity is the mother of invention".

Keep her lit


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Hello Ben.  Whatever works!  Looks be damned, results are what is important.  Looks some good food.  Keep Smokin!


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Nice :-)
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Which smoker are you using? Can you adapt it to have the AMNPS in a separate side box?

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