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neck roast

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Im seasoning my mes 30 as I type this. I have a venison neck roast thawed to smoke in the morning. I haven't purchased the pellet tray yet. Going to use chips. I have some hickory and some apple little chief chips. Also have some cherry sawdust type. Which one to use? Need suggestions on what to rub it with. I plan on wrapping water pan and drip pan with aluminum foil. Any other suggestions would b appreciated. What temp? Its going to be cold here in Mich. Under 20. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry if tis goes thru twice. It disappeared 1st time.
Ok. I'm now smoking the venison neck roast. Got aluminum foil on the lower parts, using a nice rub with kosher salt, brown sugar, paprika, garlic and a few more. I'm cooking @210 till it gets to about 160 on the meat thermometer, then turn it down to 180 for a couple hrs. I think I'm doing pretty good. Looks & smells great!
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Just my opinion but I don't think I would take it much past 145 internal or you might have dried that puppy out. You could drape some Bacon over it to keep it moist. I have had little success with venison roast for just that reason. I think medium rare is the way to go. Just my humble opinion. Looks great though.

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