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What are you doing with your free tatonka dust?

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I am sure a lot of people took advantage of a-maze-n's latest special
In which you got a free shaker of tatonka dust, so what are you going to do first with it? I have never tried it so my first thing to try is going to be chicken and either a spatchy or just thighs. The smell of the dust is pretty awesome already so I am excited to try it. Feel free to add pics to this thread once you used it, looking forward to so awesome q-view.
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My wife (Tatonka3A2) and I are looking forward to seeing members cooks with the Tatonka Dust seasoning and hearing members thoughts on the flavor! Anyone has questions feel free to post or message either my wife or I.
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I was cooking some chicken breast in a pan for lunch at work tomorrow, then remembered the tatonka dust on a slice of chicken and all it did was get me excited about smoking something with this great tasting dust.grilling_smilie.gif
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What, this is the first I heard of this.

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Originally Posted by Palladini View Post

What, this is the first I heard of this.

Don't know if you have tried the Dust but it is totally worth trying, I never ordered it because I am not one to go with store bought rubs but since this was a freebie I jumped all over it since I had heard so much positive about it.  Any way for Cyber Monday the deal was something like 20% off your order and a bottle of tatonka dust free.  I have used mine for burgers which were awesome and just a little fry test on chicken breast and it is amazing what it does for chicken.

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I am planning on smoking up a Prime Rib, so I might give it a shot on that.  I sampled the dust..........interesting flavor.  This is not like anything I have ever tasted before, and that is a good thing by the way.  I will post a thread with the PR when I do it, probably Christmas Eve.

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I just got my latest goodie box from Todd today, and was thrilled to find a Tatonka Dust sample in the box!  Just a small envelope - not a whole bottle, but enough for one cook.  I've been wanting to try it for a while.  Probably try it on some rib eyes next week, and if it's as good as it has been in my mind, I'll have to order up a batch for an upcoming prime rib smoke



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Hey, I just ordered a round for myself and for my big brother.  Looking forward to trying it!

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