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To funny Foam!  Thanks for the smile.   The meal looks awesome!


Thank you Wes, it was good. I'm learning from you guys, I should be thanking ya'll.


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Nice looking bird you have there Foamheart.


Will be watching the rodeo also.  Before the gas prices got so high we used to go to the rodeos quite frequently.  Lazy E arena near Oklahoma City, Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Pendleton Roundup were we enjoyed the wild horse races, Calgary Stampede were we would enjoy the chuck wagon races and that strictly martini bar downtown, Cody Nite Rodeos, NFR in Vegas were we enjoyed everything and many local rodeos. Now we are limited to a few local ones. 




Thank you sir.


 I have always enjoyed rodeo, well except for a few rebellious years where I didn't like anything anyone else did. LOL Nice thing about Rodeo, no matter what you are looking for in way of entertainment, you can always find. Dancing, music, sports, usually with a livestock show or a fair, carnie like atmosphere, or a fun family outing, its all there at a rodeo (and a few I won't mention).


I wear hats, boots, I parked my old beat-up pick'em up truck for a business auto and now have an old Yukon sitting in the barn across the street. Would never call myself a cowboy, just and old country boy who lost his way for awhile. One more line here and we'll make this a country western song, if I'll just mention, Mama, trains, Trucks, prison, and getting drunk.