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Heavenly Port and Cheese

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The other night I had an experience that isn't smoking but arose from smoking. A buddy asked me to bring some pulled ham to his place for a 6 person dinner party. He did everything else and it was a wonderful meal. To thank me for bringing the ham, he knew I liked port and picked up a bottle of 20 year old tawny. He served it with a wonderful gruyere cheese and home made mixed sweet pickled peppers he makes. It was incredibly indulgent but absolutely delicious. Now I just have to convince She Who Must Be Obeyed that we need 20 year old port.


Thanks for letting me relive a great dessert.



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Dear Disco!!


I share your joy!


The "Importance Of Port" is an entire other delicious dance! And how lovely that your neighbor or pal or whomever gifted you with such great things!


Possibly the best match to cheese there is, your sips and sentiments today are mighty appreciated!


Cheers! - Leah

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