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First smoke on Mini WSM - Ribs

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A week ago I built and seasoned my mini WSM. Today here in the D/FW area, since we were iced in anyway, I figured it would be a good day to smoke some baby back ribs. I had some rub I got from Joe's Barbecue in Alvin, TX, a while back, so I tried that. For the heat I used plain old blue-bag charcoal briquettes, and for the smoke I used chunks of hickory. It was cold and windy but the Mini WSM held 225 pretty steady for the 5-hour cook. In the past I have done the 3-2-1 method. But today, since it was so cold and windy, I decided to keep the little smoker closed throughout the cook.

Here's the smoker, cooling down after the finishing the job...


Here's the product after resting a half-hour...


And here's what went to the table. They were fit to eat. Joe's rub worked out well.



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The ribs look perfect!

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Great looking ribs! The mini does a great job in cold weather. As I type it's -16 in my neck of the woods and I wouldn't hesitate firing up the mini and smoking with it. I have two of the mini's and I wouldn't trade them for any other smoker !
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Thanks guys! I was really pleased with the mini's first smoke. Like others have observed, it was really efficient on the fuel burn. I can tell it's going to get a lot of use.

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Looking good!   Mini is getting popular these days!

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Good looking ribs!
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Nice Baby-backs!


If you decide to try your hand at smoking full sized spares, check out my Full Sized Ribs on the Mini WSM thread.

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Dutch, that's BBQ engineering at its finest! I'll give that a try. Thanks!!

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Thanks again for the compliments guys! I'm new to the forum and appreciate the encouragement!

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