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100 gallon build

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here is a quick build ive been doing for a friend. this build is going much quicker than planned,i haedlt have any anytime into this build so far. the smoker will be mounted to a premade pull cart that my buddy had,hopefully its up to the task.ive been in such a hurry to finish this that i really havent taken many pics. ill try and get more once i get it mounted to the cart


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That is one nice looking smoker!

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Abar, morning....
Nice looking smoker...... Lots of cooking room... I like the 3 slide out shelves... makes for a pretty much universal cooker....
Have you considered an "upper air inlet" in the FB door, directly across from the FB/CC opening... UAI's work well for moving heat from the FB to the CC without having to add additional air to the fire.....

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Thanks guys. I did plan to add the upper intake along with stiffening the firebox door,hoping to get a little time this week to finish it up
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Good looking Smoker



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