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Wild game smoker from MN

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I just joined the Forum today, because of a Google search for alligator sausage recipes.  I live in MN and basically hunt & fish for subsistence..... not necessarily because I need to but because I WANT to!  I started making all my own sausage several years ago after the chronic wasting disease scare, and when every butcher in the area doubled their fees.  I use a small, simple LP gas-fired smoker.... nothing fancy.  Every year I smoke fish, bear sausage, venison sausage, grouse, duck, goose... among other things... and this year I'll be trying my hand at smoking some alligator sausage, if I can find a decent recipe.  Any help?  

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Welcome river Rat! Check out the wild game forum, I have seen some gator sausage posts there. Ask the question also, there is a wealth of knowledge. You could also use the search function/

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Glad you joined us RiverRat48, welcome1.gif from North Dakota!
I would guess you would just mix the alligator with pork like any other sausage recipe... bear, venison, beef, moose, elk, antelope, buffalo, duck, goose, turkey, etc. all mix great with pork for making sausage.
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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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Thank you!

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Welcome aboard!  This is the best place I know for sharing ideas on smoking, grilling, curing, etc.  There are plenty of friendly, knowledgeable folks who really enjoy helping one another.  Looking forward to your input here, and just ask when you need anything...someone here will surely have the answer.



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Sounds like fun to me, don't have a alligator/sausage  recipe but I am sure someone down south here has one probably one some of the members in South Louisiana. We have a Cajun meat market here in Tyler and Longview (Hébert's)  I know they carry it, may have to give it a try '




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