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newbie here

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Hello from Arkansas! I've really got interested in smoking. Got my first smoker last month. A throw away my father in law had in his shop. A brink man vertical. It was all rusted out. Do I sanded it down, put a new coat of paint on it, made a few mods and smoke my first meat, a half a ham, for thanksgiving. It turned out awesome!
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Welcome to SMF Smashing! My first smoker was a Brinkmann vertical. My oldest daughter stole it from me when I got my Propane GOSM. You didn't say but is your Brinkman an electric or is it charcoal? Not that it matters, just curious.

You'll find that SMF is a friendly, helpful site so don't be worried about asking questions-we're here to provide answers. Remember that the only dumb questions is the one that doesn't get asked!

Enjoy the Smoke!
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One of my first smokers was an ECB  (El-cheapo -Brinkman) I turned out a lot of mighty fine Q. Still have one I drag out every once in a while. Nothing wrong with using what you got. In fact I have been to BBQ cook-offs and tasted better Q off some ECB than off some $10,000 plus cookers. Go to some cook-offs talk to fellow smokers and have fun.



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Its a charcoal ecb. My buddy is building a 250 lb tank rf smoker on a custom trailer. Once he is done we plan to do a few competitions hopefully.
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That's what mine is.   The competition will be fun. Probably when he is all done and ya'll do a couple of smokes, you'll be planning your RF build.



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