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Holy crap what a rig, nice.   I agree with you on the bottom burn type. 

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that is an awesome smoker set up, a little bit beyond my engineering skills ...  LOL
do you have your build posted with pics and how to's?
never seen anything like it on here before and i went thru the fridge/freezer build section quite thoroughly.....


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The smoke comes out the bottom, pipes around to the copper tube, and T's into the drip catcher and smoker?


So this is the only smoke source you have and it works fine? No bitter taste? Makes a long burn? No plugging of the chips like rackrat mentions. Pretty much start and walk away? 


I ask because I want to use a generator like this for the smoker I'm building, but all the bad reviews of it making white smoke scare me away. But if you use the bottom feed version with the long pipe to catch drippings and say it works fine, I may just have to add this modification part of my system. 

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Beuller...Beuller.... :439:

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Here are some pictures of the smoke viewing port:


Lots of white smoke




No smoke


Nasty stuff collected before entering the smoker


Most of the parts for the system are just cheap plumbing parts from HD. The accordion stove gas flex brass tube really condenses the nasty stuff (cancer in a bottle, as some had commented before) from the smoke before entering the smoker. The viewing port allows clear adjustments of the smoke quality without having to open the smoker.


The combination of adjustable air intake, bottom burn, bottom feed and adjustable smoke draw makes lighting the pellets very easy, in seconds the pellets are lit, and the fire never goes out even at the lowest settings.


The quality of smoke seems very good. For instance, when I cold smoked cheese, I could eat the cheese right after, it did not seem to need time for mellowing.



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I am getting my smoker closer and closer to being done, nothing like yours I have to say, but I like it :-) Anyway you convinced me that bottom feed is the way to go for an external smoke generator and I have been searching the net trying to find the best plans I could to make one. With all the plans I can probably come up with something that works, but I know you already have it figured out and it works great for you. Is there any way you can post some pics & plans or at least info for what you made for the generator? Like size, parts used, where you go them, blah blah blah...


I would truly appreciate it and I'm sure there will be a couple others as well.


Thanks in advance and I'll post photos of my smoker and smoke generator when I get them done so you can see what I made.


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