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Did ya miss my muttering ?

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I was on a mission. :icon_eek: We moved to the Apartment side of the house and finally finished ; been without a computer long enough. :icon_rolleyes: I've missed talking to you guys . Not much to say , and now I can get back to doing my job ( doing what the Wife says) and watching the Poultry section. Hope I haven't missed much and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did, ate myself into a food comma :ROTF .


Been goind to Pain Management to help with the Stenosis and Herniated Disc in my back, I'm having nerve blocks (burn ) the 10th. and the 24th of this month.


We have been (virtually) trying to ikeep both the Son's bunch and ourselves afloat on the Wife's and My income (and this was the first paycheck for her in 3 months because of the surgerys on her back).


Lost our Pick-up so we are using the Wife's parents Van, and with the Son and his Wife not working yet... looks to be a slim Christmas :icon_wink:. If we are happy and well , it will be good...:biggrin:


I want to thank the Mods for covering my back and hope the Holiday Season is good to everyone.


See ya in the Smoke , and as always . . .

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Glad to have ya back my friend.  You have been missed!  Keep Smokin!


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Was worried things were worse. Right there with you on the slim to non-existent Christmas. Wife lost her job a week ago Monday. Disability pays the rent but not a whole lot more. Glad to see you back...JJ

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Thanks , JJ , and Danny. Glad to be back.  It was like being in the Twilight Zone , or better yet ; like the guy on the Kingsford commercial... It was so cold ...  and   dark :confused:

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Was wondering where you were, glad to have ya on here again Thumbs Up

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Sure did miss ur muttering Stan..... :icon_eek:...glad Your back..

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