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Smoked Chickens!

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Smoked chickens in my new Weber WSM. They turned out great!


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Looks great Sin! I love do load up my WSM with Chickens and vacuum seal the meat so i have chicken meat for months! 


Also if you make your own broth/ those carcasses! They make a great smokey addition to homemade chicken stock

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So beautiful! The COLOR on those birds is downright exquisite!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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whoa......nice birds...great color. I agree with the mod above....great stock can be had with those. I use for soups, of course, but Gumbo with smoky stock is terrific.....Willie

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Good lookin birds! Ditto on the stock, skin and carcass makes a heavenly liquid.
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Wonderful looking chickens! The skin colour is fantastic.



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Thems there some nice looking chickys

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Nice , and the skin even looked crispy , was the meat moist, what temp. did you cook at and what fuel did you use :icon_question:

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