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Will the lady who loves crisp salmon skin...?

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To the lady who LOVES crisp salmon skin, smoked or fresh, please check in?

I've searched and searched but cannot find any of those threads you posted in. 


I just wanted to thank you for that idea of frying my smoked salmon skin for a very tasty chip like treat.  I LOVED them too.

All my life I ate the smoked salmon and threw away the skin.  I shudder now to think of it.  What a great and tasty treat!


Please post if you see this.  I just want to say thanks for the info.


I'll bump this tread a couple of time, if necessary, just so you may catch it.  I'll never toss another salmon skin in my life!

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Good Morning My Friend, and HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!


That is the best news of my today! I am DELIGHTED if any morsel or sip of food or wine that I mumbled about, so much as brightened anyone's day or world up at all! If I made any difference, then how very grateful am I!


I love any crisped salmon skin and actually used to order "salmon-skin" hand rolls, in Japanese restaurants (along with much raw fare) where the fried skin was rolled up with rice and seaweed and served in a great cone shape where one could dip it into sauce or whatever. Delicious!


Happy salmon skin eating to you!!! I even used it as "wraps" around some smoked calamari, and here is a video of that:


Happy December to you, and to your wonderful new delicacy too! Cheers!!!! - Leah

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Hi Leah,  Glad you saw this thread. 


Thanks for the tip.  I'm forever grateful.I thought it may encourage some other people to give it a try most people never thought about it.


I gave some to my son and his wife.  He liked it but she didn't.  Too strong for her.


If anyone is just now hearing of this, give it a try.  If you like salmon, you'll love the crisped skin chips.

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My Pleasure! It is indeed a treat - salmon skin - (though I love almost every single fish skin that exists, but for tuna & marlin as it is too tough, although I've tried!!); but yes, here is to more people enjoying it!! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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