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Smoker & Cabin Heating

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Plan on building a rural cabin out of recycled materials & wondered: Has anyone ran a smoker pipe thru a living structure for heat in winter?


Granted, you'd need a good shut-out/off vent for when the system is not in use in winter or it is summer, when one would not want the heat, but... say, for a single room - maybe with loft bedroom - has anyone had experience with this? I'd assume, as long as the pipe is tight & insulated against any flammable elements, it might work to heat a dog house or barn, as well.


I am quite serious. Thank you, gentlemen, for being kind.

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Haven't done it but food for thought.  Check with your local wood stove store there is a blower that goes on a chimney that allows hot air to go through it and the blower takes the heat and blows it out.  With a little ingenuity you would be able to use this to heat a room.  Good luck

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