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Just got my new (used) Lang 48 patio

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Just got back a little bit ago from picking up a Lang 48 patio that I scored an amazing deal on from Craigslist. It was purchased new in 2009 and had only been used a few times and is in excellent condition. I haven't fired it up yet, but the only problem with it so far is that the grates have a bit of rust on them. I know this isn't a big deal, but does anyone know the best way to clean the rust before I re-season the smoker and get a fresh coat of oil on everything?

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My grates had rust when they shipped new from lang. Just heat her up to 300, steam clean and brush the rust off with a welding wire brush. The hard brittle type. Then re season with peanot or canola oil. After a few uses. It will be pitch black.

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you could also try cleaning with a hard degreaser, washing and using a powered rotary wire wheel brush. Like a dremel type or if you have a 4-5 inch grinder, buy a wire wheel brush and clean to bare metal restore. Then re-season in the smoker

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nice smoker... just heat em up and wire brush... reseason with oil....
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Nice man! Enjoy!
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Thanks, not bad for $1250,especially in the condition it's in.
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Finally got a chance to get it seasoned and cook some food. I found the temps were hotter on the firebox side, but I'm sure with some practice and a little experimenting I can get it more even. So far I'm very pleased with it, and maintaining temps was a breeze.



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Very nice!
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fine looken LANG my 60 vareys about 40 deg. from one end to the other you will learn to deal whith it and love your LANGbluesbros.gif

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Those things are cooking machines for sure. Enjoy it! sausage.gif
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Very nice score!  Those Langs are the best!



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Nice score there, can't beat it at that price.


Watch out with leaving wood on top of your firebox like that. I did that the other day, and came back to a fire outside the firebox. I got lucky nothing else was on fire.

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