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High Temp propane Grill

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So Im not sure where to put this in the forum and I'm sorry if this isn't the place for it, but Im finally getting a WSM 22.5 for christmas and getting rid of my Chargriller duo.  What I've been working on is I took my old shed and insulated it and ran power and water to it and added a few power venters to make myself an outdoor kitchen.  My fiance likes that I don't make a mess in her kitchen now and I have a place to do all my smoking and prep work.  With the WSM being my primary tool Im looking for a good high temp propane grill to supplement for those times I want to sear steaks or make a pizza.  Does anyone have any advice on a small but good quality propane grill for my outdoor kitchen?   Thank you! 

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You might check out the Weber Q series.

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