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I'm's just that some folks here tend to aggressively argue false "facts" and it's very aggravating.
Nothing against you personally.

Thank you for participating.

Ha ha! I'm a teacher. I'm not sure I would have given myself "participation" marks for that exchange!

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Very similar to what in Minnesota we call "Farmers Style Sausage" Only thing I do differently is I cook onions with water, then use the cooled onion water for liquid in the mix, also usually 50 percent pork 50 percent beef, and whole mustard seed. After that pretty much the same, I smoke for about 3 hours and then let bloom and freeze. usually boil about 15 minutes before eating.
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Sounds like an interesting variation Ron. I recently did a batch of 50% vension and 50% pork shoulder and it was really good also. (venison had 20% back fat added) Most people had no idea until I told them.
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Ive also done venison, use it in my Brats as well that call for 20 percent beef and 80 percent pork, nobody has a clue venison is in them until you tell them
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Hi I was from Gretna Manitoba just a year ago and this town is close to Altona and Winkler. I have been to both plants and have had friends work there . I ran the coop store in Gretna as the meat manager years ago. The receipts look great. The main thing for this sausage is not to grind it to fine and use good quality meats. The smoking should be a cold smoke . The original Pioneer and Winkler sausage years ago was raw in the middle. Now they have it 90 percent cooked. The smoke was hickory or what we could find around the yard . apple tree would but mostly hickory. In the early years we use straw off of the field to smoke with. Don't  get to fancy with seasoning as salt and pepper and smoke was only used in the old days. Remember we used old out houses for our smokers so it took a long time to smoke. We did not cook the sausage in the smoker we left it raw with a nice smoke on the out side. A nice taste of pepper and salt is what makes this sausage. I am in  Joffre ab now and starting to make the farmers sausage for my self and friends. They sure love it as it is hard to find authentic farmers sausage. Hope this helps

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I had been trying to make a farmers sausage and came up with very few actual recipes on the internet. So i wrote a couple of recipes ,a simple recipe and a more commercial  style recipe with binders and sodium erythorbate  in it.  

 I agree that the trick that really makes it a Farmers sausage is the cold smoke (apple , hickory blend). I like to do about 6 hr of thin blue cold smoke first day then rest over night before another 4 hr warm smoke to finish it off. This seems to carry the smoke flavour right thru to the centre. 

 Now I'm trying to find out if there is a difference between Farmers sausage and Mennonite Farmers sausage? 

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CDN OFFROADER What do you have your smoking pellets in and where did you get your sausage hooks and racks I'm using oak dowels
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The pellets are in a home made pellet tray, the racks and sausage hooks came with my smoker.

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Hi the difference on the farmers sausage to Mennonite farmers sausage is the farmers sausage has the preservatives that you have used for presentation in a store. Mennonite farmers sausage is just salt and pepper good quality meat and long cool smoking . This leaves the sausage quite dark but delicious to eat. In the old days we used to smoke our sausage with straw from the fields also. Then store it in the grain bin in winter in the grain. Wow that was a long time ago.

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