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Todays Line Up on the Lang

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2-12lb butts
2- racks of spare ribs
3- racks of baby backs
8- racks of beef short ribs
4lbs of chicken wings
3- 2.5lb tri tips
8lbs of bacon wrapped chicken breasts.

And I'm frying some fish as well. Going to be a good day.
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That is a heavy duty smoke you have going on. Have fun!

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Wow sounds great how did it come out?? Any pics ??

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That's a monster smoke. Any pics.

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Sorry  guys, took a couple days to recover. I may have some pics at home from some of my guests, I was way to busy to take any pics.


Everything turned out awesome, but I could have pulled the breasts out earlier. By the time they were ready, we were all eating and full, so they went about 15 minutes past their prime, but's making great meat for the salads I have to eat all week long to make up for the last 4 days.


The tri-tip was fan-freekin-tastic. First time I've smoked it, and definitely not the last.


A busy 4 days of cooking that started Wednesday. We smoked and sold 252 turkeys on about 5 rigs (mine was the smallest) all for charity. Awesome time, and apparently people are amazed when you carve a turkey in a restaurant, slightly intoxicated, with a pocket knife, in ten minutes. To me, just another day by the smoker....

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