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OSU vs Michigan Game Smoke!

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Woke up bright and early to get everything up from its nap in the fridge. Getting ready for the big noon game of Ohio State and Michigan!

2- 6lb briskets
1-6lb butt
2- 2lb butts
2-baby back racks
7- big cans of baked beans

Go Buckeyes!

Pic from last night

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I don't have dog in the fight as far as the game goes! But I think I have chosen Team Smoked Meat to cheer for. With a spread offense like that, I have no chance, but will enjoy every minute of it!

Good luck in the game today. I don't really see FSU tripping up against UF, but never know. The game to watch for your National Title Game hopes is the Alabama vs. Auburn game. That will be a good one!

GO Team Smoke!!! yahoo.gif
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Yes hopefully this spread offense will get the "W" !! Tonight is the game though, going to be a good show thats for sure, hopefully Bama overslept and isn't on their A game.

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Wow, what a nice spread. What smoker or smokers r u using? I am from Louisiana, needless to say a big LSU fan. My oldest is working in Cincinnati,and my youngest has applied to THE Ohio State University. My wife is a Penn State graduate. We r diversified just like your smoke today. Good luck with the day.

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Definitely a diversified group you have there Bigr314! Glad to hear you have a tOSU in the process, hope everything works out!


As for the smoker I made it last winter with my dad in our shop. Its a reverse flow and does an awesome job. The build is in my sig if you want to poke around sometime.


Here is a pic of the smoker and below is currently how the inside looks!



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Looks like the stars were aligned for OSU and Auburn!!!!!
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That Auburn-Alabama finish was wild! If you had scripted that finish, no one would believe you....Saban looked like he was having a stroke as he walked across the field at the end....
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