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a couple more:


pan fried leftover spaghetti by itself or in a sandwich

pan fried baloney or veal loaf sandwich with melted provolone and onions

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Fried bologna on toast with mayo and maters...now I wouldn't think it to be nasty (cheap, yes) being I was raised on it but I know there are those out there that think its disgusting.. Vienna sausages is all I have in the boat along with potato sticks in a can..

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:icon_lol:  Those potato sticks in a can!  Great suff woodz.  Haven't had 'em or thought of those in years.  I like those also.  Can't beat fried bologna!


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fryed sommer sausage on toast with mustard

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Hey woodz

Love it all, but potato sticks in a can??  Afraid you lost me there.  Seems like everybody else relates to it.  Just not in my realm  LOL  Little help please


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Originally Posted by GaryHibbert View Post

Hey woodz

Love it all, but potato sticks in a can??  Afraid you lost me there.  Seems like everybody else relates to it.  Just not in my realm  LOL  Little help please



Great snacks on the boat.. and easy to eat while setting the hook! :)

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When I worked in a kitchen I used to slice corned beef into 1/4 inch slabs, deep fry it and eat it like jerky.
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Mine is canned clams on crackers. Love them.
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I've got another one.

We always called this a 'cheese deluxe' but it probably has another name.

Start with a piece of toast - or better yet a buttered and toasted English muffin. Add a little mayo then sprinkle on grated extra strong cheddar cheese. Next comes chopped cooked bacon and a slice of fresh homegrown tomato, then a bit more cheese. Put it back in the toaster just to heat it up and start the melting of the top cheese. Take it out and sprinkle alfalfa sprouts on top.
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Danny , you are form Texas... do the Bologna thing... you'll thank me later...


Your oihO trapped Texan Amigo...


Have fun and. . .

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Or a piece of bologna with Kraft cheese on top microwaved until cheese melts then roll it up and eat
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Lots of my favorite DLS already listed, so here goes:  SPAM (grilled, or in a breakfast sandwich), Smoked oysters in a can, Original Mac & cheese (powdered like so many others here), Bush's Grilling beans in a can, heat and eat noodle bowls with Siracha chili sauce.

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Funny I haven't heard Cheese Whiz on toast mentioned...that was a fav back in the day..

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Tuna salad on saltine crackers.  And yes the Mac n Cheese mixed with a package of shells and cheese!!!

Another standby is a slice of cheddar cheese on a BBQ potato chip (Lays ruffled)

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My homemade version of Cocoa crispies.... Fill a bowl with rice crispies.. put some milk on (fresh from the tank in the milk house).... a couple of tablespoons of Nestle's Quick (chocolate or strawberry).... keep mixing until milk becomes flavored....

Yum Yummmmm
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Man there are some pretty weird combinations but what the heck, everyone has their own tastebuds.

One of my favorites is my hot and spicy chili that I do competitions with, after it's sat for a couple days, over scrambled eggs and a slice or two of cheese over it all.

Gettin hungry just thinking about it!

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Cheese whiz mixed with canned corned beef and spicy mustard. Spread the mix on bread then broil.
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When I was a kid my grandmother would butter a piece of bread and then sprinkle powdered chocolate on it. I don't think it's all that weird but my kids do.

My guilty pleasure is spaghetti-os. My wife says they smell like vomit and doesn't want to be near me or in the house when I cook them (stove-top of course).

They are such a delightful, heavenly little circle treat!!!  :sausage: 

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Originally Posted by jam46 View Post

I like peanut butter and mustard sandwiches on toasted bread.

Me too!!  Used to make them at the deer lease!!

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OH NO!!    NOT SPAGHETTI-OS!!  I didn't think I would get those.  I need to go back and read in case I missed but I DO have 1 spaghetti-os.  :ROTF  I read these things and we should be ashamed.  :icon_lol:  The great thing about most of this is that these things are what Mom or Grandma fed us.  You just can't break away from those sort of roots.  If my British friends would chime in you would hear some stuff.  Jellied eels.  Marmite.  Vegemite.  "Pickle" ( totally different meaning here ).  Etc., Etc..  Most of this stuff is as bad as British sausage.  Hope you folks keep 'em coming.


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