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"Tatonka Dusted" Prime Rib Roast

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When I come across an awesome seasoning, I gotta share it!

Tatonka Dust is a very unique seasoning for beef, pork or chicken

I honestly haven't found anything that it doesn't work well on


Our Thanksgiving feast has turned from cooking a traditional turkey to smoking a Prime Rib Roast


15# Rib Roast Cut in Half and Vac Sealed for Another Day



Prime Rib Roast Covered in Tatonka Dust



Smoking Away at 225°on My Pellet Grill With Pitmaster's Choice Pellets in a Tube Smoker


Did I mention "Tatonka Dust" is AWESOME!!!



Every Order at will include a "Free Sample"

While Supply Lasts



Prime Rib is Cruising Along at 120° Internal
Foiled and finished to 140°


Finished at 140° and Ready for a 20 Minute Nap


Sliced and Ready to Eat!!!

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd no finished product pics?!!! Must have been that good! Yeah I gotta get my hands on some of that dust. Everybody raves about it.
P.S. Love my amazn pellet burner! Don't know how I would do without it!
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I previously used Montreal Steak Seasoning on my Prime Rib Roast

Got some Tatonka Dust From Marty and Tanya, and been using it ever since!

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great. I need to try that dust.
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Yeah... that Tonka dust is good stuff......

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Wow!!! That looks so holiday-esque!!! Impressive photos!!!! Happy Friday!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Tasty looking steak!

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Now that's my kinda Prime Rib---Even used my favorite temps (Smoker & IT).


Gotta get me some more T Dust !!!


Thanks for the Views, Todd !!!




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That prime rib is honestly mouth watering... drool.gif Very nice cook!
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Man .. its greatness like that todd.. that makes me miss SMF.. great looking cook! Beautiful crust!
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