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Well, another crappy Thanksgiving Day. Same as last year. But, I do have a lot to be thankful. I ain't dead yet! That will have to do, for now. Hope yours is a damn site better. I'm sure it is. So, Happy Thanksgiving. The past two days I was too sick to do anything but sleep, rest in bed and prepare for today. Smoking two turkey breasts and three chickens. Perfect, sick as hell and going outside since 6:30AM starting the smoker. But, it's worth it when I dig in to smoked turkey and chicken for the next few weeks.


The following are pics of my Weber WSM Smoker/Cooker.


Charcoal and Smoking Wood (Hickory and Mesquite) Ready To Go [IMG][/IMG]


Charcaol Chimney Started a Blaze! [IMG][/IMG]


Charcoal and Smoking Wood a Blaze! [IMG][/IMG]


Two Turkey Breasts and Three Chickens [IMG][/IMG]


Two Turkey Beasts in the Smoker [IMG][/IMG]


Three Chickens in the Smoker [IMG][/IMG]


Weber WSM Smoking Away! [IMG][/IMG]