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Turkey Browning

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The turkey has been smoking for a little over 4 hours and has a couple of more hours to go. Put my rub on with some olive oil, but the bird is not getting very brown. Will it finally brown up over the final hours of smoking or should I put something on to help it brown? Using a Camp Chef Vault 24 with their turkey cannon and a mixture of oak and apple. First time with this big of bird,
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Mine tend to brown late, but you can always crank the temp up as high as it will go for the last half hour or so, OR flop that sucker on the grill which will also have the added benefit of crisping the skin.

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Turkey browned up nicely. A 17 pound bird smoked for 7 hours. Everyone raved over the taste and juiciness. Had about a half inch of smoke ring throughout the bird.
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Sounds like a house full of happy campers!


Congrates on your smoke.

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