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Thanksgiving Turkeys are done!

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Smoked the Turkeys for Thanksgiving today so they would be done. Also had a friend ask if I would smoke their Turkey for them. This was the first time someone has said you do such a good job will you do ours as well (even offered to pay me).


I gotta say it makes me nervous, this is their Thanksgiving meal and I do not want to screw it up.


Anyway they came out great! I hope they enjoy it. Guess I will find out tomorrow.


Since I had the smoker going I grabbed some bones to smoke as well to make stock.


Bones and Turkeys ready to go (brined over night with a basic brine and Jeff's rub).


Two hours in, bones are off and making stock now.



Finished bird (friend picked his up and I forgot to get a picture)


Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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WOW!!! Really looks great!



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Looks like a great job! Going to be a happy family, and you'll have a new Thanksgiving Day tradition.


Nice job, wasn't it a beautiful day to smoke?

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Thanks guys. 

It was a nice day to smoke, but here in Mi it only hit 28° so it was a bit chilly. 

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Good looking bird :Looks-Great:. I gotta do mine 1 at a time, I have done 2 at once but it plays havoc with the temps, and to be honest they get better flavor doing them one at a time. But im using a SMALL vertical Gasser.

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I used a Oklahoma Joe Offset. Could probably get another one in it with still some room but did not need a third one. Both seemed to get plenty of smoke and finished within 15 minutes of each other (I can hold 225° for quite a while).


Came out nice and juicy and had lots of smokey goodness (had to try a taste, cooks responsibility you know). Used fresh cut apple logs at first and then added some Maple/Cherry in the AMNPS.  

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I run a Master forge 2 door Gasser. When I do 2 I gotta keep rotating them or the bottom one gets more smoke flavor, and cooks faster. It takes me longer but its MUCH less PIA.. 

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