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Oil or Butter on the skin?

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i hope i can post this question here, it relates to smoking a turkey, haha. what yields a better result, oil or butter? one of my chef instructors told my class about European butter being a much better product than regular butter, so i was thinking i could use that. or should i just use some canola? thanks

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I am not a chef, but.... I always coat the outside of my bird with olive oil, Pop always called it the suntan lotion. If you don't over cook I don't remember ever having a cracked skin while using it.



I also use Kitchen Bouquet




Top is brined chicken, lower is injected turkey.


Hope it helps, and remember to enjoy the smoke!

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I don't use either. I pat the skin dry season and that is it.
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I rub butter mixes with rosemary, garlic and thyme on the inside of the skin on the breast and olive oil mixed with the same herbs on the outside of the skin. A little foil on the tips of the legs and in the smoker it goes on 325°.....

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Quick question how long do ya reckon my hubby n I should smoke our 21 lb bird (fresh) turkey? It's cold as blue blazes here and only our 2nd together, but I swear he's quite the cook. Any help or tips would be appreciated
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hijack2.gif....but prob expect at least 6 hours
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