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Frying a turkey. Should I brine?

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I'm going to smoke a 12 pounder. That's probably too small. I got another 12 pounder so with both of them combined, I should have enough bird to go around for Thanksgiving.

I'm going to smoke one of them, and deep fry the other. The one I'm smoking is already in the brine. I'm thinking I'll throw the other one into a brine tonight.

Will brining it before deep frying cause any issues? It won't make it explode or start a fire or anything crazy like that, will it?
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I for one have not had good success brining a bird and then frying. The sugars in the brine always burn and then the skin is toast. That has been my experience with that.

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Water and oil - especially 375° frying oil - don't play well together. You are likely to get some unwanted action in the fry pot when the water heats, bubbles and steams. It could splash the hot solution all over you and everything with 8-10 feet. On top of that, the heat will probably overcome any flavors that the salt would add.

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