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im want to try to smaoke a turkey breast for about an hour or so just to get the smoke flavor then tranfer to oven for the remaining time.  can anybody tell me if they have done this and about what temp and time is need not to dry it out!  the turkey breast is about 8 pounds!

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Depending on your smoker, there really shouldn't be a need to transfer it to the oven. Get your temp up to 325˚ or so, and an 8lb turkey breast should hit 165˚ in under 3 hours. Use a probe thermometer and don't take it past 165˚ and you won't dry it out.

Use the search function and search for Turkey and you'll find literally thousands of threads dedicated to turkey.

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i;m using a chargriller barrel grill, noe smoke box. gonna try indirect heat and using apple wood.  should i wrap in foil at all after i hit about 155F. or just cook it till about 165

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Just cook it til 165˚. With a barrel smoker using indirect heat you should easily be able to get your temps above 300˚.

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