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I might be one of the best resources for you, I have 4 smokers to use experience from. If you are using this on a wooden deck be careful with charcoal units, I would use caution. I have two, Weber Smokey Mountain 22" charcoal smokers, probably the best ones I have but they are $399 usually. I have a Bradley Digital, don't waste your money on one of those, over priced and I've had lots of problems with mine, customer service okay but it keeps breaking down. I also have a Smoke Hollow propane smoker, this was my favorite until I bought my Webers. You can get a very nice Smoke Hollow Propane smoker for under $300 and have some $$ to spare to buy wood chips. Don't let anyone talk you out of the propane smoker, I won a rib contest last year using my smoke hollow. For starters, go with the smoke hollow, you don't have to babysit it like the charcoal.
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Well, the day has come and gone. I'm dying to find out what he chose!!

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I would go with a Masterbuilt 30 or 40 inch electric Smoker.  These are mostly set it, load it, forget type of smokers, no temperature monitoring needed as you need to with Propane, gas or charcoal smokers.  They are mostly idiot proof, as proven today, when at 8:30 this morning, I took my 30 inch MES over that neighbors and he did ribs, 3 small beef roasts, duck breasts and legs and a couple of sausages, with hardly any help from me.  This proves these MES smokers are idiot proof.


I would recommend a MES smoker to anybody.  They have outstanding customer service and I would deal with them again in a Heart Beat.

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I have the masterbuilt 40 love it set it forget it but i like keepin an eye on it but thats just me,it even has remote control so you can monitor it from in the house,the window it stays clean for about two hours mabe.

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My wife and I had a BALL reading this thread!!!!!



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