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Happy Friday Great Smoky Cookies!!!!!!!!!


I was going to smoke cuttlefish today, had the pieces on the smoker and all, only to learn, amid our 2 degree weather, that my propane valve was indeed FROZEN!


And so a "pan seared" version it did become! But it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!


Here is to smoked on the next warmer day!!! But thanks for sharing in my dinner from today nonetheless!


Cheers and happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah











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Thats a really pretty plate:drool.Lovely mix of colour. Saw a cuttlefish salad on the menu last night up at the local. Very sicilian in style orange segments,shaved fennel,rucola, dressing.

Last winter in Sydney it got so cold we had a frostjaw-dropping.gif. It lasted until 730 am. Locals bust out overcoats,boots,thermal undies, Swedish female backpackers still in daisy dukes..:laugh1: Good thing:biggrin:

Locals rush travel agents for tickets to Bali,Thailand, Queensland "because if I don't get a week in the sun I will never get through winter"

Just loaded MES with ice to stop cheese smoke going tits up.

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Thank you Mick!!! Your local places sure do serve up great fare!


And your weather and the local attitude about such is just a riot!!


Hey, I'm retrying my roasted octopus dish today, without potatoes, and so stay tuned!!!


Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah

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