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I think you are right about the onions in the oven. and we like supper dark roux so I am stuck with the old conventional way darn!
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I would be dammed if I made gumbo using your recipe which I think sounds great.
Now if I made it and called it something else I'll bet it would be well accepted. Funny how that works huh? This is the season for soups and stews and I think I'll try yours some time this year even roux in the oven. I love trying new dishes and new ways of cooking old dishes.
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I have made gumbo several different ways that tasted OK but it wasn't until I used an old Louisiana woman's recipe and Fomehearts roux technique that I hit pay dirt. As Fomeheart says "it's what ever you like" We like our roux one click away from burned supper dark for that supper rich taste and loads of oakra. I like sea food but the one who needs to be pleased (as Al says) does not so I only use chicken and sausage, next time I I will fry the sausage. Sea food also require a lighter roux that I don't like as well so I am OK with Chicken and sausage. Fomeheart you are the undisputed master of gumbo and many other dishes, brines and smokes, when you are not on the forms I think I can speak for every one when I say we miss you. You are a world of cooking, smoking and brining knowledge and if you ever put that knowledge in a book I'll not only buy it, I'll promote it to everyone I know.

You wouldn't like the oven method if you like a dark roux. It just gets to copper.


No doubt, Foamheart is the Gumbo master!



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Yes you are right but you are comparing apples to oranges which are different but both taste good.
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