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Breast up or Breast down?

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I have always smoked my turkeys breast up. But I read a few comments about smoking breast down. My concern is since I smoke my turkeys in a pan that the breast won't get smoked. What are your thoughts???

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I always smoke breast up

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For me breast up then I crank up the fire at the end and flip to crisp up the skin. the dog likes the skin crispy. Then again, I almost always spatchcock turkeys. 

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I am a breast up guy :)

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Breast up for me...never done it the other way.



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Don't know if it makes any difference either way, but I dont use a pan and start breast down on turkey and chicken, and then turn over about half way.

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Another trick many people use as well as i have, before is to pull the turkey out of the fridge 30 mins prior to putting in the smoker and put a ziplock bag of ice on the breast to keep it slightly cooler so it'll good slower

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Up or down?




Even sideways?


Have to think about that?


Think I like them either or any way?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Breast up all the way..................thumb1%20copy.gif

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