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Cold Smoking

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This question has probably been asked many times over. I want to Cold smoke Bacon, but do not want the temperature of the bacon to become to high.

Am I right in assuming that the further the smoke has to travel to get to the smoker, the more heat it would lose?

Is it as simple as having a long smoke tube to dissipate hate to keep the smoker at low temperatures or has anybody get any ideas, at what is the best tee rapture to cold smoke Bacon at.

Thanks Smokin Monkey
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The following may give you some ideas.  If I can help further, please ask.


My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View


I keep my cured bacon below 65°F  18.3C.



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Thanks Mr T 59874, looks like you have had many hours dreaming up solutions.

Read through your post and was impressed, then as I was reading I had one of them moments!

I am a refrigeration engineer, we reject heat all the time. I am thinking of using a small condenser with a fan, pass the smoke through the condenser and remove with the air passing over it. Here in the UK, it's not that often we get temperatures over 18'C so should get a good TD ( temperature difference).

Thanks Smokin Monkey:yahoo:
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