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trying ribs today...

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st louis style, rubbed only, 3-2-1 is what i will be trying, over TBS of mesquite...


so far, every piece of meat i have put into this locker, has come out perfect...i have not had anything go for 6 hours...kinda nervous, and i think i will make a "slaughterhouse" spritz...i have no "liquid" smoke for the foil, so i think i will spritz the foil before wrapping it, not pour in the spritz but just spray it down...



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It should be good. Remember patience and keep the door closed

Happy smoken.


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right on, david...i have been very good at not peeking...which has always been hard for me!! i will post QViews soon...

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I'm in. This is looking good!



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1st Qview is 3hrs in over a hard piece of mesquite, and time to wrap in foil...i have done well not peeking, but i have opened the locker to spritz (slaughterhouse) on the hours...i sprayed the foil before wrapping, and will now let it go for 2hrs like that...



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next qview...after 3hrs over smoke, and 2hrs wrapped in foil...this is what my ribs look is going to be a LONG final hour left over a little more heat...i will not be saucing anything today!!



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Looking good. Just heading out to fire up the Weber kettle for some ribs myself.

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those look awesome!


i love doing ribs but my wife doesn't eat them :(

so spending $15 for a rack of ribs for myself isn't very cost efficient. i think what i will do next time is keep half a rack for myself and pull the meat off the other half and just tell her its pulled pork or something and see if she notices hahaha

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there is no way we could eat them all either...that is why i invested in a food sealer...i will be enjoying these next week for lunch also!!


which leads into more novice questions from me...if i seal these ribs, cooked, how long should they be okay to leave in the fridge without freezing??



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I think they should last a week vac. sealed without freezing. why not just freeze them and nuke em when you want em? I am single and have all kinds of crazy awesome stuff sealed up and labeled in the freezer for individual portions. Kind of nice to mix and match sometimes.

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actually, turned out that there was not enough left to worry about freezing...but i am glad you posted about freezing and microwaving, i was wondering about that...


the ribs turned out mush, moist and fall off...set on a plate next to mashed potatoes, and some corn fritters...what an awesome meal!!




no more qviews, what to smoke now?? and thanks for keeping me company through the smoke...until next time... more qview


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:drool:Cant wait three more hours for mine now dang it. hahaha.....should have started earlier.

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Looks like we have a new rib pro on the site. Well done. I was going to head down to help you with the leftovers but I am not surprised there weren't that many leftovers.



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Nice pull back and smoke ring on those ribs!

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Wow can't believe I am just getting here! Really nice looking ribs! Think That's is what I am cooking today.


I thought you might be a bit premature talking about ribs for lunch all week......LOL For some reason they are just easily justified to eat, they are small, easy to handle, just a small amount of meat, etc etc.... Anytime I plan on having ribs tomorrow, I better get 'em in the fridge Immediately after pulling from the smoker and hang a padlock on the door...LOL


Lookin Good MrMosh!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Those ribs look mighty tasty. Told the wife last week I could smoke ribs every weekend and I got maybe once a month. Guess she just dont like em as well as I yourself a meatloaf as it gives it a whole new taste and also throw some hotdogs in for about a hour or so and have a snack.

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Looks like a nice rib dinner....Nice job!,,,,,,,,,:points:

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thanks, Rt...they were great!! today...TURKEY!!



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