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Wild boar

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My son shot a 230 lb wild boar last weekend and I decided to smoke a backstrap utilizing the 3-2-1 method. Big mistake. Dry as a bone. Any recommendations? Seems everything I do turns out too dry.

My temperature probe reached 200 degrees easily within an hour.
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The 3:2:1 method is used on ribs to break down the collagen, fat etc., and all the connective tissues as rib meat is tough. The loin is tender with very little fat and does not have much that needs to be broke down. The loin should be smoked until the internal temp is about 142°. The temp will rise over the 145° safe temp and the loin will be tender and juicy.

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Hi there!


I LOVE wild boar, though usually grill it!


I've done coffee dusted grilled chops, and wild boar meat of various cuts marinated in grapeseed oil, Cognac, chopped garlic and herbs de Provence; (and then grilled it and added sea salt at the table) and both are sensational!!!


Lucky you getting that catch!!! Enjoy! Cheers! - Leah

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So I probably need to smoke it for an hour or less. Big mistake on my part. Boar will need to be cooked to 160 degrees since there is a higher chance of parasites.
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That picture is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah (Now craving wild boar)!!!!!

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stew that dried out pork and make some boudin sausage with it. Just a thought as I hate to see good game go to waste.

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I'm from Texas so we have a ton of hogs.  Through my experience, hogs (especially boars) that are over 200lbs have more of a chance to be tough and gamey.  Especially the loin.  The best ones are the 150lb and below sows.  They are like butter.


After we trap or shoot one we will typically take one loin, remove the silver skin, season with Tony Chacheres, cook indirect on our gas grill at 350 for 25 minutes per side.  Good stuff.


Another way I cook it at home is take a sleeve or two of Ritz crackers and put in a large ziplock bag.  Close the bag and crush the crackers until are powder-like consistency.  Add in a teaspoon or two of Tony Chachere's and mix. Slice the loin in 3/4 inch slices and pound flat .  Coat each slice with beaten egg, milk, and Ritz crackers and fry in pan.  Make sure the pan has about 1/8" of oil and is hot when you introduce the pork to the oil.  Chicken fry until both sides are golden brown.



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It is recommended that wild pig be frozen for 30 days, at a temp below Zero, to kill the parasites.... FWIW.......
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