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I've got a 12 lb'r soaking in brine in a cooler.  Still undecided if it will get cooked whole or spatchcocked.  It will be getting smoked on the UDS with apple and cherry wood.  


I picked up a couple extra turkey necks and have them in the brine too.  I'm thinking of wrapping a couple bacon strips around each one and smoking them also.

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See y'all bright and early!
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Smokin a 20 lb er and a shank end ham gonna throw the turkey in the oven at some point to crisp up.

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Just started smoker up! 5:50 am my time
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Smoking a 14 lb.and frying a 14 lb. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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Got a 12 lb'r on the smoker and a 22 lb'r in the oven. Only the second time smoking a turkey. Any advice on the actual time for giving smoke to the turkey?

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Just put a 12 pounder on the WSM at 300 degrees with charcoal and apple wood. I have 2 questions:


1.  How do I keep the temperature up?


2.  How many minutes per pound?  I'll use a meat thermometer the last hour, to hit an IT of 170, but I need some guidance on how long to let it go, first.


Also, I learned that an old trick to brown the skin on oven-roasted turkeys is to smear them with mayonnaise before putting them in the oven.  So, instead of a rub, I made a fresh New Orleans remoulade and smeared the turkey with it.  I'll Q-view the results.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I've got a 12.5-pounder on the UDS (on at 8am), and a 14-pounder destined for the fryer at 2:00.  Both brined with Tip's Slaughterhouse brine (slightly modified), neither one is injected.  The smoked one is Cajun-seasoned with Tony's, the fried one is still sitting in an herb-themed brine.  We eat at 3:30 - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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At 156 after 4 hours
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19 lb. dressed out turkey in the smoker now. I brined overnight and spatchcocked, so this bird should be fine. But this getting up at 5am thing is for the birds.:icon_rolleyes:


Smoker is maxed at 295°, and using 50/50 maple and apple pellets in my AMNPS.

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Well,   Mine is done and doesn't look half bad....  I decided to spatchcock so it cooked a lot quicker than I expected.  I brined for 8 hours, injected with a creole butter, oiled and seasoned the skin.  Dialed the UDS in at 300° and let her rip.



I set a timer for 90 minutes to check the temp and rotate the grill.  It was around 140° at that point already.  Set the timer for another 45 minutes.


At the 2:45 minute mark,  the breasts were at 170° and the thighs and drums were 180°.  Juices running clear....Yep.  She's done.

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3 hours on the smoker and 1 1/2 hours in the cooler wrapped in foil.  Remoulade glazed smoked Thanksgiving Turkey.


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Smoking a 23 pound bird. Brined for 24 hours, injected with butter and spices, rubbed down with butter, Himalayan sea salt, pepper and garlic. Using Apple and Pecan wood chips in the 2 door Master Forge. Chamber temp at 302 degrees, started at 6 am, after 4 1/2 hours legs are at 149 degrees. Cooking faster than I thought(good thing), sunny Southern California, 70 degrees outside, beer at 36 degrees, So far so great!yvurapuq.jpge8ada7as.jpg

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Doing a fried turkey breast, since only cooking for 4......but got alot of sides!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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My dad carving
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