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Smoke a "Chub" Of Turkey Meat from the Deli

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This may sound crazy but last year I took a big chub of Jennio Smoked Turkey Breast from my Deli (You know the chub the deli grabs and then slices your lunchmeat from) and put it in the oven and sliced about a little less than 1/4". My guests loved it and raved over it. My question is, this year I want to try and smoke it in my smoker, do you think this would work? Anyone tried it?

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If it's already smoked, I dont see the reason to smoke it again. Or do you want to get a un-smoked breast and smoke it? If so i would probably smoke it from 225-250 till the IT is 160+

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I worked for a golf course and the manager would smoke the whole smoked chub and serve when ever he had luncheons like the ladies club and he would cut like half to three quarter inch slices  I don't know how long or what temp But they loved it.. I bought the chubs at Sams for him..

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I have smoked some Arkansas Round Steak (Bologna) and it comes out great. So, I would assume you could add more smoke flavor to smoked deli turkey.

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I think it would be delicous. Just like a twice smoked ham. It is already done so just smoke until it is warm enough to serve. You could rub with whatever and spritz with some apple juice at some regular interval to create some good camalized bark. Good luck let us know!

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