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Dinner tonight!

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So, I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago and it looked interesting


I've never fire my oven in cold weather and before Thursday I wanted to see how I had to fire it, so I started thinking what to cook... Pork and apple fatty? Hmmm.... why not?


2 lbs BE sage sausage, a 20 oz. package ground turkey breast, and some onions.



2 Granny Smiths with some fresh sage, the spices, and brown sugar.


Pepper bacon.

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Oh yeah... added some sharp cheddar to the meat.



...and stacked it up!




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Almost there!



This was really incredible, of course I'm a guy that likes cheddar on his apple pie too...

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I learned to give up on charcoal when the weather is cold. With a 3 briquette wide snake it took two hours to hit 200°F (ambient was ~22°F) . It climbed to 220° with the snake half burned so I split up a 5"x5" piece of fire wood, and was able to hit 300° to finish off the fatty. It looks like the bird gets all wood on Thursday!


Oh, one last pic, did I say it was awesome?

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Hey Hllywd

Looks utterly fantstic


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Thanks Gary, it's a good combo!

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