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Eternal Turkey Problem...

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I smoke all the time...but realized last week that I've never smoked a turkey!

So, I went and bought several and have been practicing.  Overall, same concepts apply from other smoking endeavors.  I brine, watch the temps, etc.

My turkeys have been pretty good (better than good T-Day fare), but I'm running into the age old problem of breasts drying a bit waiting for thighs to come up to temp.  I guess I could do several things...inject the breasts, selective foiling, etc...

....but, I'm wondering--if I'm just cooking for family, would the best solution be to just part the bird (drum/thigh, breasts, wings) and then smoke, removing each as they come to temp...or are there other factors I'm not considering (the only reasons I can think to smoke a whole bird are transport, and carving ceremony...)?

Thanks guys!

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cover the Breast in Bacon weave. Just A thought. I have seen guys ice the breast as well.

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