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MES 40" Smoker (SAMS Club)

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Hello all.... I've been reading up on this website all day and have read some great posts. I really want to learn and start smoking some great dinners! grilling_smilie.gif

I'm new here and have never owned a smoker. I'm very close to purchasing the MES 40" from SAMs club (Model 20072612). I've tried researching to see what the difference is between the 20072612 and 20030311 models but can't find anything. Plus the 20072612 model isn't even on the MES website. Is this an older model and should I stay away from purchasing the SAMs club version?

Does anyone know the differences between the two?

Thanks in advance,

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The model where the control panel is in the front is the newer model. Sometimes stores will have different model numbers due to a few different options. (Meat probes or remotes). This looks like a great deal on the new 40.
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SAMS model 20072612 is definitely the new gen MES 40.  Here's a bit more info on the number change:


The differences between the new gen (20072612/20070512) and the old gen (20030311) are extensive, and thoroughly written up here:


Hope it helps!


P.S. If you do buy the new gen from SAMS, just about everyone says you should buy the extended warranty.

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Thanks for the replies! GREAT information!!

I'm going to purchase tomorrow. I've been reading more today and seen a lot people are using the AMNPS. Man, I have a lot of homework!! Lol.

Thanks again and if there any other good reads for a beginner can you please post them? icon14.gif

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