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Texas BBQ Rub?

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Ok. I'm back. Looking to do some fall but smoking. My wife got a container of BBQ rub from a friend in Texas. It tastes really salty. Must be void if sugar. I'm doing a pork shoulder and I put sugar in my rub. I guess I could hit it with some brown sugar when I foil wrap half war through the smoke. Tha shoulder is 6 pounds. Here is a pic of the product. Any ideas. Food to smoke at 6 am est.
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Being a Texas rub , that may be more tuned to beef bbq , which is way mo popular in TX.....
Just a thought.....
You can certainly tweak that rub to make it more pork friendly , but you could also make or buy a pork style rub and save that one for beef.....
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I thought beef rub also. I also considered. Altering it. My wife wanted to use it as and give it a tru since it was a gift. At IT OF 175 I wrapped it in HD aluminum foil. Toots it with brown suger and squeeze butter in hopes to offset the salt. Put in a half a cup of apple juice and put it back on. I just removed it with an IT of 205. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the in put. I will keep posted. It testing quietly now.
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Turned it great
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Originally Posted by Ron Eb View Post

Turned it great

Well , there ya go. Alls well that ends well. Didn't come out too salty after all? Good to know. grilling_smilie.gif
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If you like Texas style flavors, lookup Aaron Franklin's YouTube channel. His rib rub is 2 parts black pepper to 1 part salt plus garlic, onion, paprika and chili powder. It's great on rid, & I bet it would be great on a shoulder as well. His brisket rib is just salt and black pepper, equal parts.
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