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You may want to scuff up the surface with grinder. It'll give it a bit more bite.

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The glue you used, may have been one of those "environmentally friendly" glues.... NO SOLVENTS.... water based stuff..... I had the misfortune of using one of those.... Water based contact cement.... Put down a new Formica counter top in my camper..... after 3 days, on a camping trip, the Formica had come up.... The water from around the sink had dissolved the glue.... What a PITA...... Check the can and see what it says.... Should have a warning for V.O.C.'s...... or say "water based".....
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Probably was water based. I know it said to clean up with soap and water so I'm guessing that's the case. I'll get something different.
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What kind of gasket did you go with? I'm wanting to try something different this time. I'm liking the braided ones that go real flat like on a production kitchen stove, and we all know those hold up real we'll and clean up good. They usually attach with little t pins, but I was thinking a small bead of high temp would hold them in well because it could soak into the braid for adhesion.
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I used the flat braided type made out of like a Kevlar material or something. It's only 1/8" thick by like 3/4" wide. The material will hold up for a long time if I could find a way to get it to stick on. We have a high temp silicon we use at work but it is only good up to 500 degrees. I know it would hold really well if it could withstand the heat on the FB.
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Get some permetex at the local auto parts store, it's good to either 1000 or 1200, can't remember. Bad side is it's red. But it sticks to just about anything, run a small bead and put the gasket over it to hide it.

I've used it alone as a gasket on fire boxes and it's never burned off or gotten hard. Good thing is it says right on the package it's safe for ovens, non toxic and odor free.
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I bought some black stuff that was supposed to be good for fire places, but it was horrible,
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Good deal. I'll get me some of that stuff. The black stuff is what I used also. It says it could be used to fill in cracks and everything so I figured it would be good. Guess I figured wrong. Thanks for the tip. I bought me a maverick ET 73 from cabelas the other night so I'm ready to start smoking. I know they advise Against that model but it was available for $35 so I took it. Worse case scenario, I'm out $35.
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I bought a ET73 years ago, but replaced it last year with one from Thermoworks. The issue I had with the Maverick was that I kept on killing the food probes. It got to the point where I didn't trust them any more. Overall though, I have to say I got my moneys worth out of it.

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Good deal.
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First time firing her up. First time ever even attempting to use a smoker. So far so good. Pretty easy to maintain my temp with minor adjustments of the FB intake. I might be hooked!!

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Looks great Nick! If the fun part of tending a fire is getting in your blood, you will be hopelessly addicted when you take a bite of that beautiful bacon bark. Cheers to your hard work and way to start the new year off right!
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Nice looking smoker...... Glad it works well for you....

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Thanks guys and thanks to everyone that gave me words of wisdom throughout this build. I'll post pics of the finished product.
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Food turned out awesome. I pulled it at 140 and let it rest in foil for 40 minutes or so. So tender and juicy. The bacon cover was too flimsy to taste good but it must've helped keep the loin juicy. Next time I'll leave it in a little longer to maybe 145 or 150 just to make me feel better about it being thoroughly cooked. I even have the smoke ring I hear so much about! I tried posting pics of the finished product but it won't let me right now. By the way, the few strips of bacon I had left I laid on the grate to cook by itself and it was the best bacon I've ever had!
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Its guys like you who cause me to be in the shop at crazy times of the morning so I can get mine finished. This has been an excellent read....Jerome

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Thanks Jerome. You were the very first one to comment on this post what seems like forever ago.
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You got it ... Very nice build and I enjoyed watching.

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Sweet build and great looking loin! You do know you picked one of the hardest pieces of pig to smoke and got excellent results! I'm sure you will also knock butts and ribs out of the park.

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