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I didn't know that. I honestly bought it because it was cheap and if I was gonna mess something up on my first try I didn't wAnt to lose a lot of money. I've read on here that they can dry out easily. Yesterday I heated a piece up in the microwave for a sandwich and had to use two plates because the first one was soaked with juices after heating it up! Beginners luck I guess? Either that or I didn't cook it long enough but I haven't gotten sick yet so I guess it's good enough. Lol
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No, it looked perfect. It would have been "rare" looking inside if it wasn't done and yours looked very even from side to side. They are VERY easy to dry out if you aren't careful but you went by internal temperature when pulled so you were safe.

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Your build turned out great, coat of paint ties it all together.  Sounds like she cooks as well as she looks.  Your stack / plenum gave me some inspiration for my own build.  How did you hinge your stack cap/damper?  I'll be doing something similar.


Once again, I liked following your build , now real fun begins !!!!





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I just used a small, heavy duty hinge. Thanks for the compliment.
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Hey guys. Been smoking a pork butt for about 10 hours now and I'm stalled at 169 degrees. It keeps bouncing between 168 and 169. Getting really frustrated because it's been stalled for a couple hours now. Any advice?
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Crank it up 15-20 degrees till it breaks through, up to about 245-250, have a drink of your choice, watch the playoff game and check it in 30 min., check back and let it drop back down to 225-230.

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I cranked her up. We'll see what happens. If I see 170 I'll be pretty stoked. Pun intended. Been looking at 169 for way too long
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Just hit 170!! Hopefully it'll keep moving.
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Sounds like you have it rolling, ease off on temperature after it hits 175. Nicely seasoned butt!

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Thanks. Will do. Ease off how much? I wrapped it in foil after it hit 170.
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I usually go back down to 230-235
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OK Rick, the suspense is killing me, how did the butt turn out? Was it as tender and juicy as you had hoped?
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Turned out pretty good. It was a little dry but very tender. Here is a pick after it took it out of the foil.

Here is what it looked like before I wrapped it in foil at 170
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What was the internal meat temperature when you took it off and did you let it rest before pulling?
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Pulled it at 198 and I let it rest for 1 hr. I would say I did it by jacking my temp up during the stall.
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Unless the temperature went above 250, it should not have dried it out since it was only elevated for a relatively short period of time. I always run mine up during stall and haven't had a moisture problem but I usually use a water mixed with vinegar tray under the meat.

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It wasn't bad at all. Just expected a little more moisture but it was still great. My temp did spike a few times but being a beginner using mostly wood for heat I think I did pretty good. Everyone that tried it thought it was great. I'm probably just being hard on myself.
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LOL, welcome to the club. We all suffer from a search for perfection, I guess that is why this is so damn addictive! It looked great and I'm sure the compliments to the chef will keep coming!

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Do you feel like the 1/8 metal thickness has been ok for your heat retention? I have a 1/8 thick barrel and a 1/4 thick one. Trying to decide which one to use. The 1/8 is larger for more cook surface. Just curious how that worked out for you

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