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Fire pit near propane grill???

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Hello all,

I have a Weber propane grill that I leave on my back patio. I just purchased a small fire pit to but on the patio (similar to below) so that we can sit around a fire and relax.

Quick question-- can a fire pit like this be used near a propane grill? Are there any risks/dangers involved with this? I normally worry too much about things but I am really hesitant to start a fire on my patio now. Thanks for any info.


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Hey Grill

There's always a slight danger when you have fire next to LPG, but I don't think I would worry too much about it.  On my deck I have a propane grill, a propane turkey cooker, a charcoal/wood burner smoker, and several flaming torches--all in close proximity for years.  No problemo.  Only see a problem if you have a propane leak and being outdoors, the wind should clear that up unless it is massive.  Just me saying.


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Which is closer to the propane tank the fire pit or the flames from the grill??
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Nice. I am glad that were ever you live lets you do that.  In our town, a pit like that is a no go.  Town bylaw says no fire can be started unless your going to cook over it.

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The fire box on my smoker is one foot from the end on my propane grill. As long as there is no leaks , you're good. I had a huge chicken grease fire in my grill one night. My wife waa scared because the propane tank was new , the riding mower was right next to it and full of gas and all this ten feet from the house. Not a problem turn off gas move mow and let it burn out.
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When I lived in Calgary, they had a bylaw like that.  All I did was take a weiner and put it on a stick and set it next to the fire pit.  Food ready to cook.  Of course, you have to understand, I would starve to death before I would eat a weiner.  LOL  But it worked.


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A simpler question....


Is the LP tank and hose closer to the fire than your legs and feet are when sitting next to the fire pit?  I seriously doubt they are and your flesh is a better indicator of how close is too close!


I suspect you are fine.

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Hey Dward

Excellent answer!!!  Pretty much says it all


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the flames from the grill are a whole lot closer


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